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ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) is a pan-European initiative consolidating actions amongst European partners producing high-quality observations of aerosols, clouds and trace gases. Different atmospheric processes are increasingly in the focus of many societal and environmental challenges, such as air quality, health, sustainability and climate change.

ACTRIS aims to contribute in finding solutions to such challenges by providing a platform for researchers to combine their efforts more effectively, and by providing observational data of aerosols, clouds and trace gases openly to anyone who might want to use them.

The involvement of the Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory in ACTRIS:

  1. Process studies in atmospheric chemistry and physics based on a unique set of state-of-the-art complete instrumentation for aerosol and trace-gases (including precursors) monitoring: Aerosol Composition Speciation Monitor (Aerodyne – aerosol composition), Optical Particle Counter (GRIMM – PM fraction), polarized nephelometer (Ecotech – size concentration), Aethalometers (AE33 – black carbon), SMPS (GRIMM – aerosol size distribution), MAAP (## – black carbon), Gas analysers (Thermo – O3, NOx, SO2, CO), TEOM-DF monitor (Thermo – PM fraction), Gravimetric particulate matter sampling (Leckel – PM fraction), wet and dry deposition collector (Caraga), and weather stations.
  2. Access to a long-term database of trace gases and aerosol sampling, relevant studies.
  3. A unique environment for observations of air masses of various origin and chemical composition. 4) Vertical profiles of trace gases and aerosol physicochemical properties with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
  4. The Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory (USRL) as a pilot research facility for international research teams wanting to integrate/test/use drone-born instruments.