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First ever AirCore Campaign in Cyprus and over the EMME Region

Between the 17th and 30th of June 2020, and as part of the EMME-CARE project, the CAO team with the collaboration of the USRL and LSCE performed the first AirCore campaign for Cyprus.

Figure 1 launch site for the fourth flight

AirCore is a unique system for sampling air and rendering vertical profiles of greenhouse gases (GHGs) concentrations from the surface to the stratosphere. Carried by a weather balloon filled with helium, it can reach altitudes up to 35 km. On the ascending phase the tube empties out (via expansion) and samples the ambient air on the descending phase (via compression). Once at ground level the sample is analysed to measure CO2 CH4 and CO concentrations using a Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer (CRDS).

Figure 2 Profiles obtained with LSCE and LMD support

AirCore is an ideal complement to GHGs observation programs, such as ICOS for surface air in-situ monitoring, or TCCON observations for the validation and comparison with satellite measurements. This campaign confirms the feasibility and strong scientific potential of carrying out regular vertical profiling of GHGs over the EMME region. Overall this activity will contribute to the general Objectives of CARE-C aiming at establishing the first regional continuous (/high quality) observations of GHGs.