New instrumentation at CAO-Agia Marina station

In the process of building a denser network of environmental observatories for sizing particles we installed a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) and a water-based Condensation Particle Counter (TSI Model 3783) to CAO-AMX station on March 29, 2022.

Adding these two instruments is highly important because in combination with the instruments that are already at the station (NAIS, PSM and FIDAS200) we will get a complete image of the number size distributions of atmospheric particles starting from 0.8 nm (10-9 m, NAIS) up to 18 μm (10-6 m,FIDAS 200). Size distribution measurements are also mandatory requirements for aerosol in-situ measurements of Aerosols, Trace gases and Clouds Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS) that CAO-AMX has joined already in 2015. After two years of aerosol size distribution measurements, we are ready for the official ACTRIS aerosol in-situ measurement label. Starting these measurements is thus an important milestone for CAO-AMX to becoming an labelled ACTRIS station in the future.

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